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Joel edwards

Member, Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers  

"I am a member of the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers, a First Resource managed association, because of their leadership role in keeping the design guidelines for rubber manufacturers current and up to date. ARPM is the only non-tire rubber association that has a seat at the international table with ANSI and ISO.  Being a part of a larger corporation, it's important for Gates' voice to be heard on an international stage."

Tom DuffEy

Former Board President, Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors

"The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Producers (MAPP), a First Resource client, is quite simply an exciting organization that provides tremendous value to its plastics manufacturing Members. As a company owner, I am very careful about where I invest my time and resources and being involved with MAPP has paid big dividends. We are in search of world class organizations who want to become active in MAPP as these entities will extract the greatest value from what we offer!"

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